NOTE: This page is a translation from the original Japanese version of index.html, rev 453 as of 2008-04-13.


Welcome to the "Super Agile Struts" project.

Super Agile Struts (SAStruts for short) is a framework to develop Struts application in a Super Agile fashion.

Developers have often got confused with Struts because they have to write a bunch of configuration files, or because the application server requires restarting every time they modify a config file or a JAVA source code.

With SAStruts, you don't need anymore to write such a deluge of configs. As in the cases of scripting languages, the application server can recognize modifications made on the files without restarting the server soon after you have saved the code (if the automatic build feature of your IDE is enabled).

SAStruts makes your development tasks stress-free like scripting languages. It has also some ingenious techniques for more productivity, i.e. e.g. automatic code completion with IDEs like Eclipse.

Super Agile development beyond scripting languages - Now don't be skeptical and give it a try!